Dredging is the operation of excavating material from a water environment. Possible purposes of dredging include: improving existing water features, reshaping land and water features to alter drainage, navigability and commercial use.   Dredging includes constructing and repairing dams, dikes, ditches and other controls for streams and shorelines. Dredging is an important part of many renovation projects and by contacting Dutch Excavating LLC you can get things started on the right foot.


We are always sure to provide our clients with a quote before our shovels touch the ground, so you can be certain you’re getting the most competitive price in our area. Our clients often remark on how much they appreciate our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to excavation. We remove all the financial guesswork, and work fast and efficiently.

Dutch Excavating LLC is skilled in dredging work and with up to date machinery and a highly-experienced staff, we are able to work on projects of all sizes. When our workers are finished, we make sure to leave the area in an orderly state, so you can move immediately to the next phase of your project, rather than wasting time and money cleaning up the mess left on your property.